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It has to be done by a compliant leader

The waste materials we handle require special packaging, handling and transportation as well as careful disposal. Satva is licensed and qualified to collect and remove hazardous substances and transport them from your facility to the appropriate disposal site. We have the right technology and equipment to dispose. Our process is completely audited and reported to the respective authorities. When it comes to compliance, you can be 100% sure that your pharmaceutical waste is disposed as prescribed by authorities.


It needs a systematic process to dispose the wastes

Collection, packaging, transportation and disposal is to be done through a strict process flow. We have a set process for this which outlines how we often collect from you, what quantity we collect, how soon we would be disposing it and what reports you get about the disposal. This process not only simplifies the waste management, but also keeps you informed about how you are in control of your disposal. We are one of the very few players who follow a strict guideline and process flow.


It needs awareness

We all are ready to do the right thing and help protect our environment when it comes to managing waste disposal. However, understanding the hazard levels, local regulations, legal recommendations and moreover the process of disposal itself is not an easy affair. It requires an expert who deals with this mission to keep you updated about overall matters regarding this. We are here to provide you all the necessary knowledge on this matter, and at the same help you act in accordance with all the regulatory recommendations.


It is hazardous if you don’t dispose it safely.

Throwing your drug wastes into your normal garbage or water outlets can cause severe after effects. Many of our pharmaceuticals contain toxic chemicals that can pollute the environment if they are not properly managed and disposed of. These elements can pose severe health hazards to human lives as well other organisms by means of joining water bodies, pollution through burning, and sometimes even direct consumption. It’s need of the time to step in and spread awareness and provide support for properly managing pharmaceutical wastes.


Disposing Drugs is an Expert’s Job.

Avoid being casual when you dispose expired drugs as it can be hazardous.

We can help you dispose it safely and scientifically…