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Pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers need to become more and more accountable for the volumes of waste they produce and how it is disposed.  There are strict compliance requirements that have to be met with regards to waste, as per the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. Not abiding with these laws can attract a penalty under Environment Protect Act which involves imprisonment of person-in-charge up to 5 years and/or fine up to INR 100,000.

This responsibility also extends to each and every entity of our society which includes general public who are the end consumers of these pharmaceutical medicines. The need of the hour is awareness towards safe disposal of the left over and expired drugs at every household.

Using an experienced waste carrier is the only option to ensure you are meeting the legislation standards required. We at Satva Health Solutions offer technical health expertise, services and advice to help you dispose all your pharmaceutical waste safely and effectively abiding all the legal requirements. The benefits of our services can be enjoyed by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Pharmacists, Hospitals, Dental practitioners, Nursing homes, Veterinary hospitals, Medical colleges, Labs, NGO’s and Research organizations.


Be it a pharmaceutical manufacturer or a dispensing pharmacy, there are strict compliance that are required to be met with regard to the pharmaceutical waste, as per the Environment Protect Act, Bio-medical Waste Rule and the Hazardous Waste Rules.  Failing to meet these compliances attract aggressive fines and brand damage.

Every pharmacy is legally responsible for segregating the waste correctly, labeling and packaging them appropriately, storing them securely and transporting them safely for disposing them in the right method. All this has to be done along with accurate documentation. This is a challenging process which requires expert knowledge and capabilities.

Our services includes the collection and disposal of all pharmaceutical waste including,

  • Date expired medicines
  • Cytotoxic drugs
  • Recalled pharmaceuticals

Satva Health Solutions provides an end-to-end fully integrated collection, transportation & documentation and disposal service. The entire process shall comply with all the guideline of the Bio Medical Waste rules.

Collection: Executives from Satva Health Solutions will collect the expired drugs from all the pharmacies who have signed up for our services.

Transportation: The expired drugs will then be transported to the disposal units for destruction.

Disposal: These expired drugs will then be destroyed using high temperature incinerators.

Documentation: A certificate of appreciation will be provided to all the enrolled pharmacies. A database will be maintained with details of all the disposed medicines and necessary reports can be generated.

We urge all pharmacies to encourage their customers to bring their expired and unused medicines and deposit it with them; this will also drive customers to return to your outlet.

Partner with Satva Health Solutions NOW to avail many other benefits!


 The end consumer of pharmaceutical drugs is the common man, the citizen of this country. It is projected that more than 40% of the prescribed medicines go unused and gets stocked in cabinets and cupboards. This could lead to potential misuse and abuse. Older people might end up taking the expired drugs which are no longer effective.  This can have dangerous repercussion. This calls for safe disposal of expired and unused drugs.

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts in regard to disposing pharmaceutical waste from households.


  1. Check your medicine box and cabinets regularly for the expired and unused drugs. If you are not sure if the drug is safe, check with your nearest pharmacy.
  2. Bring all the unused and expired drugs, over-the-counter medicines and health products to your local pharmacist for proper disposal.


  1. Do not throw the medicines in your garbage bin. They could end up in the wrong hands and could be repacked and sold.
  2. Do no flush down the medicines, syrups, etc. down your toilet or sinks because they will ultimately reach and contaminate some water body.

High Temperature Incineratione

High Temperature Incineration is the right method of destroying expired and unused pharmaceuticals. Incinerators operate at temperatures between 900 C and 1200 C and are equipped with mechanisms to render pharmaceuticals non-retrievable and unrecognizable and remove all toxic by-products.Satva Health Solutions provides safe and affordable destruction of waste materials for both public and private organizations.

Support and Advice

Being a pharmacy’s waste management partner, Satva Health Solutions also provides complete support in terms of waste awareness training and education, site audits and helping you to be up to date with the latest rules and legislations.We are creating widespread awareness among the households with regard to the pharmaceutical waste management and educating them about the hazardous effects these chemicals can have on our environment.

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